Listening Bodies

Listening Bodies
2022.01 – 2023.10

Project description:
Listening Bodies is a podcast series in which selected artists from the field of dance and performance from the African continent talk about their working methods, personal careers, references and the (socio-political) potential of their art. The podcast series attempts to find language for body-based forms of expression in conversation with the artist. It is an attempt to think about the performing arts together and to analyse and discuss them in non-academic terms. The artists presented in the podcast run institutions or companies and/or tour internationally.

Project inception partners:
Idea, Sarah Israel; Concept, Patrick Acogny, Sarah Israel, Rucera Seethal; Moderation, Patrick Acogny, Rucera Seethal; Production/Editing, Sarah Israel; Technical direction/Postproduction, Richard Aking Behin/worldwide refugee (tbc); Jingel & Sounds, Richard Aking Behin/worldwide refugee (tbc); Funded and made possible by, Goethe Institut Munich, Department of Dance and Theatre and International Theatre Festival SPIELART (Susanne Traub, Sophie Becker); Rights of the podcast, Goethe Institut Munich, Department of Dance and Theatre.

Selected Artists:
Nadia Beugré (Côte Ivoire/France), Fatou Cissé (Senegal), Serge Aimé Coulibaly
(Burkina Faso), Julie Iarisoa (Madagascar), Edna Jaime (Mozambique), Ogutu Muraya (Kenya), Qudus Onikeku (Nigeria), Chuma Sopotela (South Africa), Snake Zobel Raul (Cameroon).